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Upcoming Shows

25 August - 14 September 2017
Opening on Friday, 25 August at 6/6:30p.m.
"Light and Space" – a group show of paintings by
Michelle Irving | Alison Akal | Haley Wright |  Ilma Matthews
16 September – 21 September  (1 week)
Exchange 2017

23 September - 12 October 2017
Opening on Saturday, 23 September at 11a.m.
  “Hues and Shades” - a solo exhibition by Raja Oshi

14 October - 2 November 2017
“Serendipity” – a solo exhibition by Heidi Shedlock
4 – 23 November 2017
kato kira – a solo exhibition

Exchange 2017 @ artSPACE durban

Dear Artists of Durban and Surrounds,

Join us at artSPACE durban for the sixth of our exciting art exchange exhibitions. This is an artist-orientated event. We have fun and pay tribute to ourselves as artists. With most awards, the decision is made by a panel of judges and often strangely influenced and rather baffling, but with our Artists’ Choice Award, only the participating artists can vote for the best work on show. We believe this gives a respectful ear to you, our artists, so your voice and choice can be heard.

Prizes include: Artist’s Choice Award of R1000, Lucky Draws of R500 and R250 and some lucky draw prizes and vouchers.

How it works:
Each participating artist will pay an entry fee of R200 and collect a 30 x 30 cm canvas (1 per person) from the gallery from Friday 4th August 2017. Other media are welcome, but are required to fit into the size criteria and needs to be able to be and ready to be hung. In this case, the entry fee will be less the canvas cost of R50, i.e. R150.

The Theme: ‘Border(s)’
In terms of definition, the obvious one is the border between two countries, but could also be the border to the edge of a space or knowledge. It is also used in textile as a strip or even in a social context as in “bordering on an insult”.

Each artist on entering agrees to:-
a) take part in the draw that will see each artist take home one piece of work by another participating artist (you may draw the winning piece)
b) vote for their favourite work on show

Participating in the exhibition:
1) gives you the right to vote for the artwork of choice
2) guarantees you an original artwork in exchange for yours
3) gives you a chance to receive one of the cash prizes, vouchers or lucky draws

Each artist must sign their works, but the signatures will be covered or you could sign on the reverse.

Entries must be delivered to the gallery by latest 4pm on Thursday 14th of September. The exhibition will open at artSPACE durban on Saturday, 16th September and it is up for 1 week. Voting will close at 4pm on the 21st September with the Awards Evening starting at 6p.m.

Participants do not have to be present at the Awards Evening, but may nominate someone to make their draw, collect their new work and/or receive their awards. Remember: each participant will win/receive another artist's work.

At artSPACE durban we (the participating artists, that is) will thus vote in the artSPACE durban Artists’ Choice of 2017. We love the fun everyone has (especially first time exhibitors), and the discernment of the artists in voting, and we really love the dissemination of the art – that every single piece goes home with someone. So,  cut loose….Let rip….Have fun.

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